The MassageMobile

Your Go Nowhere Getaway

Licensed Massage therapy that travels to you.




The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

Be in business with the best.

For centuries theres only been 2 choices in the massage world- people going to the massage therapist or the massage therapist going into the persons home. The MassageMobile is truly a 3rd choice, and soon to be the only choice in the massage world.

Only 1 business can be the best. Why not own it?

Take control of your future.

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material


Welcome to our Discovery Process. This process will give you a comprehensive look into The MassageMobile to see if there is a good fit for you to thrive in our community.

You will begin with a self-guided tour, providing an overview of the The MassageMobile franchise opportunity. If you find that this is a good fit for you, you will proceed with a more in-depth guided tour with a member of The MassageMobile management team.

During the guided tour we will:

  • Answer your questions about becoming a franchisee
  • Address the key components necessary to create success
  • Guide you through the decision making process 
  • Get to know you better

If you are ready, let’s get started with our Welcome Section. Click the next button to begin your discovery process with The MassageMobile. At the end of the self-guided tour, you will be asked to make a decision.

When you are ready to move forward we will ask you to fill out some information about who you are. If you need more information you will be provided a phone number to contact us.

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

About The MassageMobile

The MasasageMobile has been an innovator since the beginning

  •  Zane Kane pioneered the idea of bringing the entire massage room.
  • Zane created The MassageMobile and changed the world of massage forever

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

What is The MassageMobile?

  • Own and operate your own mobile store
  • Protected list of calls
  • Proven franchise model
  • More than 4,200 perspective franchisees nationwide

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

Do you have what it takes?

  • Are you interested in owning your own business?
  • Do you have strong people skills?
  • Are you a natural problem solver?
  • Do you have a high energy level, a good attitude, and customer service skills?

Is now the right time for you? 

  • Are you ready to make an initial investment?
  • Would you have the support of your spouse/loved ones?
  • Do you feel that you’re ready to own your own Mobile business?

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

Day in the Life of a Franchisee

Zane Kane spent 27 yrs in the massage business.  While he liked his work, he wanted more from his life.  He was drawn to create The MassageMobile ownership because it allowed himself more control of his own destiny and gave him an opportunity to plant some roots in a community.   As someone who enjoys helping people feel better and have a better sense of harmony and wellness , becoming a The Massage Mobile franchisee seemed like a great fit for Zane.  His wife confirms it’s the happiest she’s ever seen her husband.

Watch the video to see Zane’s story and learn what a typical day is for a The MassageMobile franchisee.

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

Step inside The MassageMobile and have a look around!

Drive The MassageMobile right up to any event:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Marathons
  • Farmers Markets
  • Girls Nights out
  • Conventions

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

The Three Pillars of The MassageMobile

  • Quality of Products
  • Value and Benefits of Franchise Model
  • Strength of Company 

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

Unique benefits that make a real difference

Benefit from the size, strength and stability of The MassageMobile.

  • In business since 2010
  • 4,200 prospective franchises and still growing with a proven business model 

Protected List of Calls

Receive a protected list of calls of locations with potential clients before you even turn on the engine.

Low License Fees

Compare us to most other franchises and you’ll be pleased. Our current monthly license fees are $107 with no other ongoing royalties or advertising fees.

Not Tied to Real Estate

It’s mobile! No building codes, rent or leasehold improvements.

Great Family Business

For many of our franchisees, it’s a family business. Spouses often help with ongoing business activity such as banking, accounting, and inventory.  Kids can help sweep The MassageMobile and keep it clean.

Growth Potential

Expansion is welcomed and encouraged. You can do things like hire an employee or buy additional franchises as you mature in the business.

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

Your Customers

You will be given a list of calls of locations with your potential clients and you will have the opportunity to visit markets and events during your discovery process.

We protect that list of contacts for you and don’t allow any other The MassageMobile franchisees to sell products to anyone on your list of calls.

Customers include clients of all kinds:

  • Elderly
  • Injured
  • Athletes
  • Relaxation enjoyment
  • Overall wellness 
  • And others

Your investment in The MassageMobile

Depending on how you pay for various parts of the business, including whether you buy or lease your mobile store, your start-up out-of-pocket expense can vary.

Out-of-Pocket Start up expenses for a franchise, when using The MassageMobile financing:

  • Range from $30,095 – $72,265
  • Includes $9,432 – $19,863 working capital     

Estimated total initial investment range:

  • Range from $143,683 to $307,700

The MassageMobile will provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that includes a complete listing of start-up expenses that can be found in Item 7.

The MassageMobile also supports our Military Veterans. Ask us about our special Veteran incentives.

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

Financing Options

Although you are not required to finance through The MassageMobile, The MassageMobile credit has the strength and resources to get you on the road to ownership with financing options to fit your needs.

We are one of the few franchise companies to have our own in-house group to assist you with financing options that make sense for you.

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

The MassageMobile’s Next Steps to becoming a Franchisee

To continue in the Discovery Process, please complete our  Confidential Questionnaire. Once completed and your credit  report is accepted, you will be contacted by one of our  Franchise Development Managers to continue the process.  If you have any immediate questions, please contact Jessica Calis at 1 (602) 627-7243(Massage).


To be considered a The MassageMobile Franchisee, click on the ”Next” button to complete our Confidential Questionnaire.

The MassageMobile franchising marketing material

Request more information about our franchise opportunities with The MassageMobile!

Thanks for expressing interest in our franchise opportunity and for taking the first step towards becoming The MassageMobile franchise owner. Please send us some initial information so we can start you on the journey of investigating our exciting concept.

This application is hosted on a secure site for your protection.  All information provided is restricted for the use of The MassageMobile Franchisee evaluation process.